Best Electrical Installation in Brooklyn

There are many reasons why Daven Electric has been a long-standing trustworthy company in the New York City area. I will list a few below to give you an idea of their service history. The company has many years of experience and will provide you with years of top-rated customer service. Daven Electric has two locations one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. All of their employees have at least five years experience in all aspects of installation and electrician service.

If you are interested in hiring a qualified and licensed Daven Electric Corporation Brooklyn electrician then you need to schedule a consultation appointment. You can call the Brooklyn’s office or visit their website at https://davenelectric.com/

Brooklyn is a major metropolitan city, and if you need help with the electrical, wiring, or any other type of electrical systems in the city, Daven Electric is a great place to call. There are a large number of specialty companies in the area, and Daven Electric comes in at number one


Daven Electric Corp.

4601c 1st Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232
Phone: 212-390-1106


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