Chiropractic Treatment for Knee Pain by Dr. Steven Becker

Chiropractic Treatment for Knee Pain

Dr. Steven Becker shares the basics of how chiropractic and its philosophy help you overcome knee pain. Although he is a chiropractor, Dr. Becker emphasizes that the results are not always the same for every patient with the same type of problem and should not be expected to know everything about each patient’s case. What we can learn from Dr. Becker is the basics, as well as some specific examples that help to illustrate the points made in the book.

One example is when a patient comes to Chiropractors for help with their lower back pain, but they also have knee problems. When treating both problems at the same time, the chiropractic doctor will use a combination of techniques to help them achieve optimum results. For example, if the patient is experiencing knee pain, the chiropractor might perform spinal manipulation and trigger point injections to treat their knee problem simultaneously. If they were to treat the pain in isolation, without changing their lifestyle habits or strengthening exercises, they may only get partial benefits from the chiropractic treatment. By using a combination of injections, spinal manipulations and trigger point treatments, they are on the road to recovering from their knee problem and ultimately leading a healthy and pain-free life.




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