How Long Can a Person Live With Pulmonary Hypertension

Currently, pulmonary hypertension does not have a proper cure, but there are several ways that you can suppress the symptoms. This is a progressive disease, and when you have your diagnosis, you can choose to change a few things about your health to manage the symptoms.
You can generally live with pulmonary hypertension for up to around five years, but this life expectancy is improving. This is because new ways are found in managing the disease so that a person can live even longer after they have been diagnosed.

A lot of research is going on as to ways to ensure that more people can manage symptoms and live longer with pulmonary hypertension before a cure can be found, and you must do the following:

Keep a close contact with your physician so that you can monitor any symptom you have and take care of it immediately.

1. Eat healthily, and it is also essential that you do not take drugs.

2. Limit the intake of salt because it will make your body retain a lot of water.

3. Do not push yourself too hard when you exercise, and always stop if you experience shortness of breath

It is important to note that when this disease is diagnosed early, there is a better chance that the doctors can find a way for you to live longer with it. You can start to manage your symptoms early so that you have a longer life expectancy.

If you feel you are having shortness of breath, you should relax your muscle and keep your back straight. You must learn a few breathing techniques to use them anytime you feel like your breathing is not right.



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