How to Recover Data from Dropped Hard Drive?

Any external force may make you lose your data from a hard drive because they are susceptible. When you drop the hard drive, you may lose your data, and if you have not backed it up, it might be hard for you to get it back.

First step.
Download the recover IT software from the iSkysoft website and start it by clicking it in your main window. Go to the Applications folder on the Mac and drop the executable file so that you can try to recover it.

Second step.
Connect the hard disk to the Mac if the disk is external and connect the internal hard disk drive. Make sure that you connect the HDD as an add-on if it is an internal hard disk.

Third step.
You will get a list of the data, and you can choose the file that you want to recover from the HDD. When you scan the hard disk drive, you can select the essential data for you.

After you manage to recover your data, you should back it up to ensure that you will not lose it again. A hard drive is susceptible, and any simple drop can make you lose all your data. You might want to invest in a cover to shield your drive from impact, and you can be sure that you will not lose the disk because of a simple drop. Get in touch with us.(718) 672-2177



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